We follow the European method of building homes.  That means our base price, which includes from the top of the foundation through a "pre-completion home", with sheetrock installed and primed.  Then, you choose the finishes*, such as cabinets, tile work, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc. to make your home unique to you and your style of living.  We even work with local designers to help you see all of the possibilities to truly create the "custom" home of your dreams. This is how it is done in Europe and we believe that it is a much better system that allows the owner complete freedom to choose what they will live with for years to come.


What is included:


  • Siding

  • Windows

  • Doors (excludes garage door)

  • Trim

  • Roofing

  • Gutters and Downspouts



  • Insulation

  • Electrical (excludes fixtures and installation)

  • Plumbing (excludes fixtures and installation)

  • HVAC (excludes outside AC unit)

  • Low Voltage (includes TV cable, Telephone cable, Cat 5)

  • Drywall and texture (smooth coat extra)

  • Primed paint on walls


Our Pricing:

Sonoma County

  • Coffey Park $175/sq. ft.**

  • Pacific Heights $200/sq. ft.**

  • Fountaingrove (Tract) $250/sq. ft.**

  • Fountaingrove (Semi-Custom) $300/sq. ft.**

       Fountaingrove “Custom” (Skyfarm, etc.) $400/sq. ft.**

  *   Budget for finishes to be added as an allowance to the overall price, which may increase dependent upon customer choices. 


  ** Cost of foundation will vary dependent upon soils report and structual engineering requirements. The foundation cost will be            added to the overall price.  

Butte County  (Pricing Coming Soon)

These “base” prices do NOT include (neither the materials nor the labor to install them) the following: cabinets, plumbing and electrical fixtures, HVAC units, finish hardware, interior doors, interior trim, appliances, any concrete work, counter tops, tile/marble work, etc.  Instead, those finishes are chosen by the Client (after consultation with the interior designer).  Then, they are completed by the Contractor (or their sub-contractors).  The Contractor charges their actual cost plus 10%, to reimburse for the home's Construction Superintendent and Overall Supervision, 5% for overhead, 5% for billing (dealing directly with the Client’s insurance company), and 10% for the payment of governmental taxes and profit to the company and its owners.

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