Edward Sanchez:


Edward Sanchez (Eddy to his friends) has a long history of dedication to environmental work, an even longer connection to the construction and real estate industry and long, and deep roots to the Sonoma County area.


He received his Bachelor of Arts from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies (with a minor in Biology).  After college, he has had a extremely distinguished and varied career working for the US Navy responsible for an 800 acre government property in Mississippi; as a Forester for the Presidio in San Francisco; and for Fish and Game as a Fisheries Biologist responsible for mapping all the salmon capable streams near Sonoma County.  As the Fishery's Biologist, he personally walked over 2,800 miles of stream beds in the Sonoma (and surrounding counties) County mapping salmon spawning grounds and habitat.  In addition, he has contributed over 5,000 volunteer hours for the AmeriCorps project.


His real estate roots go even further back to junior high school years, where his mother would have him clean, repair, and repaint the family's rental units as tenants moved out.  He received his contractors license in the year 2000 and has been involved continuously since then with building projects in and near Sonoma County.


As a resident of Santa Rosa during the Firestorm that raged through this area in October of 2017, he jumped to assistance.  He made his properties available for fire fighting and police units to use as staging areas for their efforts.  He also decided that his mix of environmental and construction skills could best help the community by rebuilding the homes that the fire destroyed so his neighbors can get some sense of order and normalcy back into their life as soon as possible. He currently serves as the chairman and majority owner of First Interstate Contractors, Inc.




Naaman Hagman:


Naaman is another product of a family with deep roots in the construction industry.  His parents operated (and still operate) a custom cabinetry shop in the state of Washington.  He grew up with "sawdust in his veins".


After high school, he decided that college was not for him and he went right to work as a union electrician in the Seattle area.  Over the years, he has worked on jobs big and small.  Anywhere from rewiring small remodels for his friends to larger projects like WinCo Foods stores, the Bank of America Financial Center in downtown Seattle, Home Depots and the Seattle School District to name a few.  All with increasing responsibilities and duties.


He has been active in real estate for many years, buying his first house when he was only 21 years old.  He relocated to the northern California area about ten (10) years ago and has been active as a real estate developer and investor since then.  During the fire, he even had to evacuate from one of his properties near Geyserville.

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